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What are we offering you?

We propose you to live an unforgettable 'VR Experience' in different hotels in Mallorca. Dare to try the latest technology in Virtual Reality to live your own adventure and feel emotion, action, laughter, terror ... it's your choice!

We are experts in Virtual Reality, the new technology that is revolutionizing entertainment around the world. We have the most advanced equipment in the market, in order to offer an unforgettable 'VR Experience'. Through a HMD device (Head-Mounted Display) you immerse yourself in a new reality where you can experience the most intense adventures.


Are you interested in Hiring our services?


Do you want your clients to remember their stay forever?

We move to your Hotel to offer this service at a very attractive price. We can come regularly, to be part of your entertainment program, or on certain dates.

The definitive way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Are you looking to attract customers to your place?

Get better traffic with this entertainment formula. It is perfect to share with friends, who can collaborate or compete with each other, and create a fantastic atmosphere.

An innovative formula for your customers.

Private Events

Looking to surprise your guests with an innovative proposal?

We move where you are, for less than you think. We assemble our equipment in less than half an hour, and we only need you to have a minimum space of 2 x 2 meters.

Make your guests have a great time in a surprising and unforgettable evening.