I’m interested. What can I do?

You can live your 'VR Experience' in a different hotel every day. Search for the day you are interested in and find out where we are, or find your favorite place and wait for us to come.

We have 2 Teams visiting different hotels during the week. Choose the team that fits your selected hotel and day of the week, and book the matching date. You do not need to be staying at the hotel to live your 'VR Experience', visitors are welcome!

Hotels where you can live your 'VR Experience'

TopVR 1

Monday - Protur Safari Park

Tuesday - Protur Safari Park 

Thursday - Portblue C. Pollentia

Friday - Fergus Club Europa

Other days - Check calendar

TopVR 2

Tuesday - Portblue Club Pollentia

Sunday - Fergus Club Europa

Other days - Check calendar