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What are we offering you?

We propose you to live an unforgettable 'VR Experience' in different hotels in Mallorca. Dare to try the latest technology in Virtual Reality to live your own adventure and feel emotion, action, laughter, terror ... it's your choice!

We are experts in Virtual Reality, the new technology that is revolutionizing entertainment around the world. We have the most advanced equipment in the market, in order to offer an unforgettable 'VR Experience'. Through a HMD device (Head-Mounted Display) you immerse yourself in a new reality where you can experience the most intense adventures.

I don’t like video games … Is ‘VR’ really my thing?

Of course! A 'VR' experience has nothing to do with video games, it's for all ages, regardless of technological knowledge, and with a variety of possibilities for all tastes. Have a look at our YouTube Channel

I’m interested. What can I do?

Ask at the hotel's reception about TopVR Service and they will inform you, or contact us directly and book now.

Who can take part?

We have experiences for all ages; children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. You don't need to know how to use a video game controller. Your eyes and your hands are enough! Our expert will help you choose the experience that best suits you.

How does it work?

You will receive a Standalone VR Headset with more than 30 experiences and games in it. Choose between 4 hours or a Full day of Amazing Fun with your Friends and Family. We can deliver the Headset to your hotel or apartment if you buy the Full day Service, or you can pick it up and bring it back @ Palma if you choose the 4 hours service.