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Half Day VR

€99.00 *Impuestos incl.

You will get a Standalone VR Headset with more than 30 games and experiences, so you can choose the one you like the most. In addition, you will receive a simple manual to take your first steps with virtual reality, and we will assist you by phone (in English) if you need help.

Our Service Includes
- 4 Hours of Amazing Fun
- More than 30 VR Experiences
- 1 Standalone VR Headset
- Phone Help and Support in English
- Pick up & Bring back @ Palma

Optional Services
+ 50€ for 1 Full Day of Fun and Delivery service to your place
+ 99€ for an Extra VR Headset for a Full Day
+ 99€ for an Extra Full Day of Fun

A deposit of 250€ through your Credit Card will be required for each Service. In case the VR Headset is broken, the deposit will not be returned. If a controller is broken, we will deduct 79€ from the deposit.

Categoría English

Basado en el lugar de residencia en Spain. Los impuestos se calcularán al tramitar el pedido. El precio sin incluir impuestos es: €81.82.